When I made my first hair loss experience, when I decided to the hair salon the best feeling when I made a reservation call to the depilation salon

Depilation salon chooses a store that is easy to book
Depilation salon chooses a store that is easy to book

I made a first reservation at the depilation salon was good phone correspondence.

The depilation esthetic that I attended was in the middle of Tokyo. At that time I lived in Tokyo and I did not go to the salon by train but it took about 10 minutes by bicycle, so I never felt any troubles to go through so much. It was also when the hair removal esthetic salon also increased rapidly. When I first made a reservation, I decided there because it was a very impressed impression on the phone. What I cherish is that the correspondence of the first phone is important anyway. People respect the first impression, but the first impression in business, especially telephone correspondence is also the company's face. When I first became a society person, I was taught at company employee education training and I think that I have no experience because I have actually experienced it.

Originally I was interested in depilation, aside from the treatment aside, my older sister attended to depilation when I was in the locals, I was surprised at a tremendous high price, Tokyo As the years went by, the amount of hair removal needed to go down. And if it is aside it's a small area, and even if there was a problem by any chance it was aside as I could feel hidden. And I went to the salon on the day of booking, it was very clean and uncomfortable. I do not remember if I did the operation on that day, but it is a very satisfactory treatment. As the salon's sister said, after that hair grows but surprisingly and impressed to the fact that the hair fell out of the way. And as a result, I became a good customer who did not finish aside alone but increased other places.

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