If you are pregnant already already booked for depilation salon please wait for a moment. Hormonal balance has changed in pregnant bodies.

Depilation salon chooses a store that is easy to book
Depilation salon chooses a store that is easy to book

Before booking hair removal salon

The opportunities to expose anything in the hot season of the future will increase. My boyfriend is disappointing if unwanted hair is growing as it comes with swimming suit etc.
I have reserved a depilation salon to avoid that & there are many people who think that I should reserve it now? It is about that hair removal, but if you are pregnant now please wait for a moment. Body during pregnancy will change hormonal balance much more than usual.
Generally, the concentration of waste hair seems to be affected by the concentration of male hormones, but as male hormones increase due to pregnancy, unwanted hair becomes deep only during pregnancy! It is something that can be enough.
Female hormonal balance is more delicate than we think.

So, although I'm thinking about getting hair loss now, I am pregnant now ... If I can do I can go to the hair removal salon after the birth is over and the hormonal balance stabilizes recommend.
Although it depends on the salon, there seems to be a place where you can cancel or postpone the reservation.
Because it is not understood unless you consult with the shop side about this matter, try to check and try once.
If it still does not work you have no choice but to give up. When searching for a salon to avoid trouble with the shop side, if you investigate whether you can postpone or cancel cancellation in advance, you can rest assured later.