I also had hair loss. It is a beauty treatment. Calculating the cycle at which hair grows, I made a reservation in advance.

Depilation salon chooses a store that is easy to book
Depilation salon chooses a store that is easy to book

It is good to book early for depilation.

I was depilating with my esthetics.
It is always a reservation system.
If you book at the last minute, as long as you have a cancellation, it's not quite readily available.
Hair loss also has a cycle of changing hair.
I check the calendar at the previous time as to how long it will grow.
By doing so, you can see the cycle.
In that sense, I'm reserving to esthetic.
I will read ahead and make a reservation so my schedule is on schedule firmly.
At the beginning, when I started hair removal I was lost, I did not know the cycle.
Certainly, there are individual differences.
So, do not be discouraged and see the speed at which your hair grows once.
It's pretty interesting.
Until now, I have never noticed the speed with which hair grows.

My colleagues also did.
My colleague was depilating in a different place.
My colleague was holding armpits, arms and feet.
The side was concentrated in the midwinter.
That person is hard to see.
Since my colleague knows my cycle beforehand, I kept making reservations for depilation till the end.
It is okay to reserve it two more.
It is better to hold down reservations for depilation firmly, but the rhythm of depilation does not have to degrade.
After all, when you experience hair loss, everyone has the same idea.
It was coincidental, when I told my colleagues about hair loss.
It was somehow interesting topic and it got excited.
Because there are many women working, I speak quite openly.
It makes it easier for him to see his hair.