Reservation for depilation has to be taken in consideration of menstruation date. I talked about having a reservation full of salons until half a year later.

Depilation salon chooses a store that is easy to book
Depilation salon chooses a store that is easy to book

Reservation of depilation is too early as a matter of principle

Hair grows and retreats in cycles such as growing period, recession period, and resting period, and it repeats, and undergoes depilation treatment according to the cycle of that hair cycle.
It will be the shortcut to the skin of the most effectively slippery.
Because I got hair from five or six treatments, it was a permanent hair loss contract, but I have not passed. Sometimes twelve are growing, but it is a range that can be dealt with by trimming.
Although it says not to put a burden on the skin, as it also burns the hair root by thermal energy, when under the elbow, the knee and the armpit at once, there was a sense of exhaustion after the treatment.

While I came through, I went through at a cycle once every three months, but at one time I was told from the salon ""I will be fine once in six months"".
That is not the reason I do not need to hit the laser frequently, because I'm thin, and it is not effective even if I apply it in a very short time.
It was somewhat obscure reason.
Although I argued that the cycle of the hair is a six to eight week cycle, I gave up with a single point of ""I will reserve the next time for half a year"".
I think that the number of customers has increased so much that I can not turn in a narrow salon once in three months. Because we lowered the charge, it is expected that the number of customers increased.
Laser hair depilation can not be received even during menstruation. Moreover, I had no vacancy unless I had to make the next appointment on the day of treatment, in the unlikely event that I got physiological or if I could do anything I could hardly get an alternative reservation.
It is good that the shops are popular, but the service side has declined and I regretted.

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